The Artists

The artists at My Pet Art Au are carefully hand picked, being some of the highest quality artists across Australia.


Ally Pedersen

Ally Pedersen is a Graphic Designer and Illustrator based in Geelong, Victoria. She has recently made the transition from full-time employment in the creative field to focusing more on her own artistic endeavours and goals. 

Basically, Ally just loves all things creative and has a specific interest in illustration and digital art, in the past having worked with big companies to create product specific outcomes.

Ally has recently stepped into the Freelance market helping small businesses with their creative needs.  On the side she has started her own small businesses, one focusing on pet products including dog collars, leads and accessories. A product she made for this business was pet illustrations, where she found joy in creating a lasting memory of a family’s furry companion. She absolutely adores the whole process of creating custom pet portraits and can’t wait to create one for you.

Shop art by Ally Pedersen


Ashley Morse

Ashley Morse is a Melbourne-based artist specialising in digital pet portraits and acrylic pour paintings. Her art career took off in 2015, when she won the Stoll Trust Award at the Box Hill Rotary Art Show. The winning piece, titled ‘The Power of the People’, was a portrait of Nelson Mandela, created with ink and applied using a toothpick. 

Her success stirred a passion inside Ashley and a love for art she could not ignore. 

She now runs her own Instagram page, Ashley Morse Art, showcasing her talented creativity and original projects. 

Ashley also works as a qualified nurse and midwife, and enjoys creating artworks when she is not busy at the hospital. 

In the future, Ashley hopes to create more portraiture work, in both digital and acrylic painting forms.

Shop art by Ashley Morse


Emma Crupi

Emma Crupi is a twenty-something artist who grew up in the leafy green suburb of Eltham, just a short trip out of Melbourne in the North-East. Emma strengthened her creativity early on by practicing regularly and from a young age.

Starting early in her journey, Emma always strived to be a commercial, full-time artist. After graduating from a Bachelor in Fashion Business at RMIT, Emma passionately worked as a Product Developer for 2017-2019. Emma left her full-time office job in mid-2019 to pursue her goal of being a professional artist.

Emma creates artworks with various mediums for a wide range of customers. From large colourfully painted portraits to custom highly detailed pen drawings, Emma's versatile style has complimented many homes and satisfied customers over the years. As an animal lover, Pet Portraits have become a staple in her weekly work with customers loving her creative but realistic style.

Shop art by Emma Crupi


Mahnie Amato

Mahnie Amato is a stippling artist based in the South-Eastern suburbs of Melbourne. She is employed full time in the mental health field and creates pet portraits in her spare time. Mahnie used to primarily draw as a hobby, but decided to open to commission in mid-2020.

Mahnie's stippling technique is extremely unique and can create incredible pieces of art that are a beautiful addition to any home. Each piece that Mahnie creates can take up to 20 hours to draw, as it is made entirely out of tiny dots from a fine pen. 

Mahnie pours her heart into her pet portraits, whether the artwork is to be a gift for a client’s friend or a memoriam piece for a passed beloved pet. Every pet portrait is special and Mahnie will take great love and care with your artwork.

Shop art by Mahnie Amato


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