About Us

My Pet Art Au is a collection of experienced Australian artists that offer a range of beautiful, high-quality custom Pet Portraits. Based all over the country, the artist’s work from their own home, studio, garage or garden - where ever it may be, to bring your artwork to life.

We know how much you love your fur-babies, as we do too! Because of this, we strive to create Pet Portraits to suit each individual customer and their pet. We love that our customers can jump onto our website and choose an artist, style or price that suits them and their needs.

My Pet Art Au is fun, professional and we pride ourselves on high-quality products and incredible customer service.

My Pet Art Au was founded by Emma Crupi, a West-Gippsland based artist. Emma has been an artist ever since she can remember and saw that Pet Portraits have had an ever growing demand across Australia. With every customer having different taste in art, a varying budget and a much-loved pet with a unique personality, she knew that she couldn't cater to everyone’s needs alone. In 2021 My Pet Art Au was born and continues to add incredible talented artists to its team.